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DRIP / Issue 05&06 DIGITAL

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*NOTE: This is a Digital Download, not a physical copy*

Release Date: October 29, 2021
DRIP 05/06 is a *double feature* issue with two parts:

05 SOLO: Part 1 of the zine is for that sexy solo stuff! It's what turns us on, what gives uus pleasure, how we make ourselves feel goooooood... hands, toys, imagination, when we're all alone.

06 PLUS: This one's with friends, partners, sexy lil’ groups of consenting adults, ‘cause part 2 of the Zine is for content with two or more people! Photos, stories, illustrations, poetry of the XXX things we get up to with others.

Both sides of this issue feature works in a variety of mediums, including but not limited to art and articles, poetry and photography, music and musings, doodles and drawings, etc.

Meant for 18+ (sexually explicit content)

"As service industry professionals, we are objectified and sexualized without out consent on the daily. DRIP zine is a space for the specialty coffee community to reclaim our sexuality. It is a submission-based print publication filled with pages of photography, poetry, short stories, illustrations, and other artwork where we explore how we feel about our bodies, sex, gender, nudity, power, vulnerability, self-expression, and identity."

. . .

33% of proceeds for Drip 05 + 06 will be donated to Gays & Lesbians Living in a Transgender Society (G.L.I.T.S.), a grassroots organization dedicated to centering Black trans-led solutions to health + rights crises faced by transgender sex workers.

 G.L.I.T.S’s priorities include providing crisis services, support for asylum seekers, access to healthcare, + safe and stable housing, in addition to addressing stigmatization and criminalization of trans SWers.

By purchasing this zine, you are playing a role in supporting their life-saving work—and for that, we sincerely thank you. Read more about G.L.I.T.S at