Stockist Stack
Stockist Stack
Stockist Stack

Stockist Stack

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Current zine: Issue 09 (June 2020)
Next zine: Issue 10 (Sept 2020)

Become a Coffee People Stockist! This option is perfect for coffee shops, bookstores, and other retail establishments who want to offer Coffee People Zine to their customers. You can order a one-time stack, or sign up for recurring billing to get the new issues right when they are released.

With the Stockist Stack Subscription, you get the goods delivered right to your door each and every time. You won't have to try and remember to order when the new zines come out, and your customers will have the chance to purchase the new issues right when they come out.

By purchasing wholesale and becoming a Coffee People Stockist, your shop will get wholesale pricing on all zines. You can then re-sell them for $15 each in your store.

With the subscription, you will also receive:

  • an additional 5% off your order
  • your name and shop address in the "Stockist" section of the zine for as long as you are a subscriber
  • your name and a link to your website in the "Stockist" section of our website
  • a free zine labeled "shop copy" to keep in your store for customers to browse
  • the first opportunity for a "Behind the Bar" feature in the zine if/when we come to your city
*If you want to order different quantities of zines or have any questions, please contact