Submit Your Art & Submission FAQs

We're always accepting submissions for the next issue of the zine. To submit your artwork, click here to go to our Submittable page, fill out the submission form, and upload your submission directly. It's that easy!

If you have questions, check out the FAQs below. If you have more questions, please contact

Submission FAQs

Q: What are the rules for submissions?
A: Simple: 1) If you work in/around coffee, your submission can be about anything, and 2) If you don't work in/around coffee, your submission should be about coffee somehow. 

Q: What if I worked in coffee before COVID but I've been laid off?
A: If you worked in coffee pre-COVID and are now unemployed you still count in the "work in/around coffee" category. Just because the global pandemic stopped you from slinging beans everyday doesn't mean you're not a coffee person. We still consider you part of the industry. Keep your head up. Keep creating art. Keep going after it. And send us your art :)

Q: What kind of art are you looking for?
A: Literally ANYTHING! If you made it, we want to see it. More typical submissions include: drawing, digital illustration, poetry, painting, photography, short stories, articles about anything you want to write about. Less common submissions can include (but are not limited to): ceramics, collage, music, sculpture, dance, spoken word, video links, anything you can dream to create! 

Q: Do contributors get paid?
A: Contributors are offered a free zine, but are not paid at this time. (Except for Issue 10, because we asked for work by a specific demographic of people.) First of all, paying contributors simply is not financially sustainable right now. We don't bring in enough money (through subscriptions, sales, sponsorships, our Patreon, etc) to be able to pay everyone, plus take care of all operational expenses. We're working on this, though. If you want to help us get closer please get a subscription or support our Patreon! Secondly, the purpose of the zine from the beginning wasn't to make money (for contributors or ourselves, tbh). It was to create a space to share and connect with each other. That's why we made it free to submit your work (some art journals charge people to publish their work)! However, we're re-examining, re-assessing, re-thinking, and re-working this. Stay tuned, 'cuz we do hope to pay everyone (at least a small amount) for their work.