Coffee People Zine Half-Year Gift Subscription

Coffee People Zine Half-Year Gift Subscription

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This subscription starts with the current zine, Issue 03 / Autumn 2018.

Give the gift of Coffee People Zine for half the year! You'll only be charged once (now), but new issues of the zine will be sent to your recipient twice! It's like a 2-in-1 gift. Because you're generous like that.

A new issue comes out every 3 months, near the first day of each season. With the Coffee People Zine subscription, you get the goods delivered right to your door each and every time.

With a Coffee People Zine Subscription you will receive:

  • save 7% compared to purchasing one zine at a time
  • each issue of Coffee People Zine delivered right to you
  • add-ins / bonus swag with each issue