Issue 19 (Contributor Pricing)

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THANK YOU for contributing to Coffee People / Issue 19 / DARK! We're thrilled and grateful to be sharing your work with our readers. We hope you're proud to be part of this publication as well, and we want you to hold your work in your hands. That's why we're offering a few sliding scale options for "contributor pricing."

- Cost of printing this zine is $7, so you can get the zine at that price
- Retail price is $15, so you can buy the zine at this price
- FREE is also an option (please only select 1 FREE copy, but purchase as many as you'd like with the other pricing options!)

PLUS you have the option to get our super special additional add-in, Finca Cariño, at half price ($3, in contrast to $6 retail). It's a stand-alone short piece of fiction about a special coffee fermentation technique, the Peruvian women who invented it, and a greedy businessman who tries to steal their secret (but ends up finding out another secret in the process). It's an absolutely amazing creative story written by Brennan D. Rodriguez and illustrated by John Vazquez specifically as our subscribers-only add-in. But we wanted to give you the opportunity to check it out, too. It's just that good.

Give them as gifts, stash them away for later, show them to your family so they can be even more proud of you than they obviously already are!

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Pages: 116
Size: 6x9"
Contributors: 59+
Add-in: Coffee People Zine sticker
Optional Add-in: Finca Cariño, a zine short story

Small Biz Feature (sponsored by Oatly) : Vignette Coffee Roasters

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