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Issue 21 (Contributor Pricing)

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Release Date: July 30, 2023

Issue 21 / FIRE
Roasting, passion, anger, alchemy, burnout - FIRE can mean so many things within the context of the coffee industry. This issue explores it all, with submissions by creative coffee professionals from around the world. We go further into the flame with 7 feature articles (the most of any issue ever!) on topics of being a traveling punk musician, union busting and perseverance, coffee's relationship to addiction, a roaster's story of stoking their small yet resilient fire, coffee as morning alchemy, a warming climate, and functional fitness for coffee roasters.
This issue also features an extended Coffee People Music / Roaster's Edition, which links to the curated Spotify playlist with 23 songs by roasters and folks who work in roasteries.

Pages: 112
Size: 6.14x9.21"
Contributors: 46+
Add-in: Coffee People Zine Holographic Sticker

Acaia, Minor Figures, Royal Coffee, Bevel Coffee, Baratza, Arc Roasters, Hooked on Colfax, 94 Celcius, Enderly Coffee Co, Arrowroot Coffee, CaféTracker, Trans & Caffeinated, You Are Here, Sunday Coffee Project, Onda Origins, Kafiex Roasters, Lucid Coffee Roasters, Novel Coffee Rosters, Parallel14, Motif Roasters, Pax Coffee, Rabble & Lion Coffee, Bush Hill Coffee Co, Love Preferred Coffee Co, Eastlick Coffee Co, Wesley Andrews, Zion Coffee, Paradise Coffee Roasters, Pacific Coffee Research, Little Waves Coffee Roasters, Flux Coffee, Stone Forest Coffee Roasters, Likewise Coffee