"Zines of Holidays Past" Pack

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Get in the holiday spirit with these four zines - our past winter releases.

Issue 04, Dec 2018: Our fourth issue ever, and the first that featured the COFFEE PEOPLE white outline design. It was the beginning of the next era for the zine, so it's really an heirloom piece by now. 

Issue 07, November 2019: We celebrated the release of Issue 07 in Portland - a cold.

Issue 11, Dec 2020: Holding space for "The Longest Night" (the zine's theme), this issue focuses on mental health and finding the light after the darkness.

Issue 15, Dec 2021: A special Artist Feature issue! We picked our favorite 15 artists to feature in this issue. There's a bio of each artist, plus a few extra pages of their work. Cuz why not celebrate with our besties?

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