Coffee People Apparel... has a certain ring to it, don't you think?


These limited-time releases correspond to the current zine. So get it while you can, 'cuz it'll be gone soon. Then check back when the next issue drops because there'll be apparel for THAT design, too. It's a never-ending parade of awesome merch, celebrating the creativity of the coffee community.

PLUS the cover illustrators get a cut of profit. So you're helping support coffee people artists directly, as well as repping their art in the world. Nice.

*NOTE: All apparel items are print-on-demand through Printful. When you place an order, it goes directly to Printful where they print it and ship it to you. We at Coffee People have no control over how fast that process can happen, or updates on the shipping. If you have an issue, please reach out. We'll do what we can, but know that apparel orders are outside our direct control. Thanks!*