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Shipping & Ordering FAQs

Q: Do you ship internationally (outside the U.S.)?
A: We do! However, international shipping is quite expensive. Unfortunately that's something we cannot control. If you are outside the U.S. and want to buy multiple copies (4+) we can give you a discount! Contact to ask about this.
Also, we do offer digital copies of the zine which don't require shipping. This can be a great option if you don't mind enjoying the zine on your screen!

Q: How many issues do you release per year?
A: This year (2023) we will publish 3 issues - in March, July, and November.

Q: I thought Coffee People Zine published 4 issues/year. Why did that change?
A: That's true - the past few years have seen 4 issues/year (though in 2019 we also did 3 issues). The main reasons include:
- The every-3-month pace has turned the publication process into a churn rather than a careful curation. It has become a project to keep up with, rather than an experience to relish and to enjoy as an editor. I think the artists in Coffee People Zine deserve to have their work appreciated, rather than rushed through.
- The cost of printing has nearly tripled since early last year, meaning each issue is more and more expensive to print. Decreasing the number of releases will keep production costs at a manageable level.
- When releasing 4/year, the last issue came out around Christmas. But trying to receive, pack, and ship zines during this time is stressful. Not to mention the high strain on the postal service often results in delayed shipments, a higher percent of undelivered packages, and bigger headaches for everyone involved. We'd like to avoid this if possible. 

Submission & Artwork FAQs

Q: How do I submit artwork to Coffee People Zine?
A: All artwork is fielded through our Submittable page (click here to submit).

Q: Do you have rules for submissions?
A: Kind of. The rules are:
1) If you work in/around coffee, your submission can be about anything, and
2) If you don't work in/around coffee, your submission should involve coffee in some way.
We prioritize submissions by people who work in the coffee industry, but will still consider work by muggles. (Or should that be mug-less?)

Q: What kind of art are you looking for?
A: Poetry, photography, painting, articles, short stories, illustrations, drawings, collage, ceramics, dance/music/spoken word via YouTube link or SoundCloud... literally ANYTHING! If you made it, we want to see it.

Q: Each issue has a theme. How closely does my art need to fit the theme?
A: Each issue does have a theme, but it's more a loose suggestion than a strict requirement. If your work doesn't fit the theme perfectly, that's okay. Submit it anyway. Or make new work that fits the theme a bit better. But basically just submit either way!

Q: Are contributors paid?
A: Yes! You can expect to receive around $20-40 USD if your art is published. The payout changes each issue based on sponsorships, Patreon support, and number of contributors. PLUS you get two free copies of the zine - one print and one digital.

If you have any other questions, please email