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Coffee People

coffee / creativity / community

Hey coffee people!

Issue 04, Winter 2018 will be coming out in mid-December. Get your submissions in before Thanksgiving to see your art in the zine! Email for more info!

A coffee/art zine for Coffee People, by Coffee People

Coffee People are creative. We are artists, musicians, poets, writers, and so much more.
This zine is a platform for coffee people to share their creative endeavors,
some of which involve coffee and some that don't. 

Issue 01, Spring 2018 is available now!
Issue 02, Summer 2018 is available now!
Issue 03, Autumn 2018 is available now!
You can buy it online here, or at these shops

We are also accepting submissions for Issue 04, Winter 2018. 
Send your art to to be featured in the next issue!

Hi, I'm Kat