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Release Date: September 22, 2020

RAD SWAG: We had the pleasure of working with Cxffeeblack to make a rad piece of swag - a black bandana with white ink (click through images to see a photo).

Coffee People Zine / Issue 10 features work exclusively by Black creatives in the coffee community. Painting, photography, poetry, short stories, illustrations, music, and other work by brilliant artists in the coffee industry. This zine showcases the multi-dimensionality of baristas, roasters, Q graders, community leaders, café owners, and other coffee professionals around the world.

We hired an Executive Editor, Korie "KP" Pickett, to put this issue together. She did an amazing job, and we are so proud of this issue! Here's a bit from KP:
"This issue is important to me because I got to celebrate and honor a product that has changed my life for the better. Coffee has brought so many incredible people into my life and this issue proved that 10 times over.
I’m excited for issue 10 to be released to the world because it genuinely shows and celebrates magic that can be found within the coffee industry; from the people that farm, to the people that make, to the people that consume. This issue is filled with dreams past, present and future and I’m excited for readers to experience them first hand."

All sales from this issue through the month of September will go to the artists in the zine. Sales revenue from October on will be given to The Bail Project and The Okra Project - two organizations supporting and strengthening their communities. Coffee People Zine will make $0 from the sales of this issue. 

Pages: 100
Size: 6x9"
Contributors: 44 artists (plus 12 Features)
Add-in: coffee/creativity/community coaster,(plus an exclusive one-page zine for subscribers and pre-orderers only)

Community Spotlight : GoFundBean, Barista Life LA (#BlackInBrew), Coffee & Tax, Getchusomegear, Coffee Feed PDX, Barista Coalition
Behind the Bar : Deadstock Coffee (Portland, OR), Everybody's Busy (Chicago, IL), Cxffeeblack (Memphis, TN), Bloom & Plume Coffee (Los Angeles, CA), Hogg Batch (St Petersburg, FL), Cam's Coffee (Winston-Salem, NC)

All artists will be paid a split of subscription, pre-order, and issue sales through the month of September. Any sales revenue after that will be donated to The Bail Project and The Okra Project.