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Issue 20 Digital PDF

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Release Date: March 30, 2023

Issue 20 / EARTH
Coffee is an agricultural product. It comes from the ground. People cultivate, process, and propagate this plant which gives us these seeds we can heat, brew, and drink. But it all starts in the EARTH. As always, this issue contains artistic and creative works by people in the coffee industry around the world. It also has five featured articles: two from soil scientists/agronomists, an interview with Colombian coffee photographer Lucia Bawot, a manifesto on bringing compost to Memphis by Boycott Coffee, and an exhibition of the overlap between music and coffee in the Twin Cities. This is our biggest issue EVER, and kicks off a year of "elemental" themes.

Pages: 128
Size: 6.14x9.21"
Contributors: 66+

La Marzocco, GH Grinding & Brewing Solutions, Atlas Coffee Importers, Tío Conejo, Caliber Coffee, Rambler Coffee, CoLabOps, Novel Coffee Roasters (by Cherry Coffee Fort Worth), Love Preferred Coffee Co, Lucid Coffee Roasters, Surrounding Counties, Biotunes, Ember & Bean Roasting Co, Motif Roasters, Flux Coffee, Kafiex Roasters, FRGMNT Coffee, Enderly Coffee Co, Bampot House of Tea, Hooked on Colfax, KS Coffee, Vital Coffee Roasters, Anonymous, Charles Holt, Gabriel from Vienna, Joe Marocco (@roasterjoe)