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Coffee Shop Subscription

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Do your customers crave something to look at while they're waiting in line? Do you value providing reading material for your patrons as they sit and enjoy the coffee you've prepared them? Do you want to be plugged into the wider coffee community? 

If you're a coffee bar, roastery, shop, café, restaurant, or other service spot, this is the option for you. You'll receive:

  • one print copy of Coffee People Zine each time it's released
  • exclusive add-ins for subscribers only
  • extra stickers to give to your staff, favorite customers, regulars, etc
  • your shop on the Google Map of Shops that carry/support Coffee People Zine
  • a "Shop Copy" sticker for the front of the zine so your customers know to keep it in the store
Current Issue: Issue 23 / PAST (March 2024)
If ordering the Current + Previous and there is a specific issue you want, please write that in your notes. Otherwise we will include a rad past issue we have in stock.

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