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Gift Subscription (1 year)

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Give the gift of Coffee People all year long!

Perfect for any barista, coffee lover, shop regular, self-proclaimed coffee connoisseur, or coffee person in your life. They'll enjoy the current issue now, plus upcoming issues of Coffee People Zine as soon as they are released. We'll charge you up front, but they'll receive all issues of the zine over the course of the year.

Tell them you love them with a Gift Subscription, delivered right to their door!

With a Gift Subscription, your lucky someone will get:

  • the current issue of the zine NOW
  • each new issue of Coffee People Zine delivered right to them (March, July, November)
  • exclusive add-ins, stickers, and bonus swag with each issue
  • a reminder that you love them every time the zine is released

*NOTE: The Gift Subscription will automatically be cancelled after 1 year. If you wish to send a recurring subscription that doesn't end until you say so, get the Coffee Person Subscription and make a note that it is a gift.*

Current Issue: Issue 23 / PAST (March 2024)

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