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PRE-ORDER Issue 05
PRE-ORDER Issue 05

PRE-ORDER Issue 05

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Coffee People Zine Issue 05 is currently on PRE-ORDER!

It's an amazing publication with great content submitted by amazing people. We are SO EXCITED to bring this issue to you. Thanks for your support!

Pages: working on it... TBD
Size: 6x9"
Contributors: we're still collecting submissions, so we'll see! TBD
Add-in: SPECIAL! The first 100+ orders will receive a special edition print. All orders come with a sticker sheet... TBD
BenefittingDirt Coffee Bar

Barista Feature: Emily Orendorff, GlitterCat Barista
Behind the Bar: OTIS Coffee, Amethyst Coffee Co, TBD...
Know Your Rights: TBA