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A.I. Art / DARK Coffee

These are all pieces of artwork created by artificial intelligence (A.I.) art generators. I wish I could say they were all terrible, that I could create better work, that there are too many graphic inconsistencies or design breaks or weird compositional elements. And in some pieces the A.I. generated this is certainly true. But in others - in many - the work is striking. It goes above and beyond anything I could create or even think to create (though I am not really an illustrator myself). Dare I say, these pieces demonstrate... imagination? creativity? 

Take a look for yourself and see what you think. Art? Or a machine's dull attempt at synthesizing work by true [human] artists?

I've included a few of my favorite pieces from this series with the words/instructions I gave the A.I. to generate them.

Dark Coffee, Andy Warhol

Dark Coffee, Agnes Lawrence Pelton

Dark Coffee, Hopper, Freas

Dark Coffee, Picasso

Death Drinks Dark Coffee (x3)

Coffee and Death (x2)

A Cup of Coffee on a Dark Night (x2)