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Coffee People Music / Volume 12

This is a playlist of music by people who work in coffee - coffee people, if you will.


"Future" by Ginny & The Fizz
Minneapolis, MN

"Waiting" by Short Lived
Phoenix, AZ
Forest / Vocals
Zak / Drums (no longer in the band cuz he moved)
Rob / Lead Guitar / Barista / Lux / Phoenix, AZ
Echo / Bass / Barista / Cartel / Phoenix, AZ

"too good" by Jacob Kingsley
Jacob Kingsley (he/him) / Barista & Roaster / Second Best Coffee / Kansas City, MO

"Jonah" by Feign Kin
James Turner (he/they) / Barista & Roaster / Kobro's Coffee / Norfolk, VA

"New Exhaustion" by Abandoncy
Kansas City, MO
Morgan (they/he) / Drums / Roaster & Barista / Second Best Coffee
Damian Fisher (he/him) / Guitar & vocals
Lincoln Peterson (they/them) / Bass / Barista

"Black Coffee" by winded
Barista / Mane Coffee / Boca Raton, FL
(with Community Records / New Orleans, LA)

"Jesus, Pt. 1" by Public Universal Friend
Indianapolis, IN
Jody Galadriel Friend / Guitar & Vocals / Barista / Quill's Coffee
Ty Mason / Pedal Steel / Barista / Quill's Coffee
Jacob Powell / Vocals & Drums
Mina Keohane / Vocals & Keys
Phil Lofton / Percussion
Adam Shuntich / Bass
Katie Burk / Fiddle

"Bad Idea" by Candy Hearts
Brooklyn, NY

"LOSE YOU" by Boski
Jackson, TN / TikTok @boski

"Already Gone" by IkeJay
Isaaac "IkeJay" Jones (he/him) / Barista / Abundant Bean Coffee / Clarksville, TN
Production by Avery Roy / Clarksville, TN


"for jumping" by Kate Van Petten (on Bandcamp)