Coffee People Music / Volume 03

This is the third volume of Coffee People Music, a compilation album of tunes created by folx who work in and around specialty coffee.

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Coffee People Music / Volume 03

"Like Honey" by Hex Boyfriend (on Spotify)
Audrey / Guitar & Vocals / Barista / Fleet Coffee / Austin, TX
Ali / Guitar & Vocals
David / Bass
Mauro / Drums

"Cross Your Fingers" by Jack Ferrara (on Spotify)
Jack Ferrara / Barista / Cenote / Austin, TX

"Daniel" by Miranda Haney (on YouTube)
Miranda Haney / Barista / Greater Goods / Austin, TX

"Starlit" by The Canvas People (on Spotify)
Kyle Taylor / Lead Vocals & Rhythm Guitar / Manager / Atlas's Cafe / Austin, TX
Wes Maxwell / Lead Guitar & Backing Vocals / Texas Coffee Traders / Austin, TX
Luke Williams / Bass Guitar & Backing Vocals / Root Cellar Cafe / Austin, TX
Pat Epley / Drums

"Resounding from the Depths" by Of Feather and Bone (on Spotify)
Preston Weippert (he/him) / Barista / Little Owl Coffee / Denver, CO
other band guys 

"Release" by Volunteer Coroner (on Bandcamp)
Preston Weippert (he/him) / Barista / Little Owl Coffee / Denver, CO

"Baba Yaga (Only Trying)" by Village And The Farm U.K. (on Spotify)
Devin Berry / Store Manager / Starbucks Coffee Company / San Francisco, CA 

"Mr. Coffee" by Lagwagon (on Spotify)