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Coffee People Music / Volume 05 (Quarantine)

This is the fifth volume of Coffee People Music - compilation albums of tunes created by folx who work in and around specialty coffee.

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Every song on this list was made during quarantine. Can you believe it? While some of us were endlessly watching TikTok or vegging on the couch, these amazing coffee folx were MAKING BEAUTIFUL MUSIC! I'm not over it. 

To listen to the Spotify playlist, click here! Not all the songs are available on Spotify though, so check 

Coffee People Music / Volume 05

--- Songs On Spotify ---
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"Jacques Green - Serenity Remix" by Leandros Iliopoulos 
Leandros Iliopoulos / Shop Manager / Redemption Roasters /  London, UK

"Sounds Like a Storm" by BootGun
Cody Hart (he/him) / Drums
     Barista / Thump Coffee / Denver, CO
Keith Lawrence II / Guitar, Vocals
Davie Landry / Bass, Vocals

"Another Planet" by Brother Figure. 
Seattle, WA

"Nightfall" by Driving Slow Motion
Jason / Guitar
     Roaster & Barista / Arcadia Coffee / Fort Worth, TX
Carter / Bass Guitar
Bryan / Guitar
Nick / Guitar
Dustin / Drums

"Easy Listening" by Mediocre Cafe
Cooper Coffroth (he/him)
     Barista / Milka Coffee / Sacramento, CA
Plum Anderson (he/him)
Claire Tauber (she/her)
Taylor Kohl (he/him) 
Noah Campos (he/him)

"The One" by No Seatbelts
Kyndal J. (he/she) / Vocals
     Barista / Milwaukee, WI
Calvin Turner / Bass
Dee Cee / Drums
Chris Olver / Guitar
Quinten Farr / Synth & Keyboard
Curtis Crump / Keyboard & Sax

"Gush" by Harold.
Harold. (she/her) / Barista / Lost Larson / Chicago, IL

"Giddings" by The Edwards
Harold. (she/her) / Barista / Lost Larson / Chicago, IL
Other Band Members

"Geraldine, Geraldine" by Raffi Froundjian
Raffi Froundjian / Barista / Starbucks / Manhasset, NY

"Loosen Up" by Luis Servin
Luis Servin / Former Barista / Providence, RI

"Overstimulated" by Fox & Tiger
Fox / Jairus Hills (he/him) / Barista / Colter Coffee / Kalispel, MT
Tiger / Jordan Hills (he/him) / Production / Coava Coffee / Portland, OR

"Summer" by Jack Devlin
Jack Devlin / Ex-Barista / Root and Branch / Belfast, Ireland / @jackdevlinmusic

---Not On Spotify---

"Nose Prints" (Little Song 2) by Laura Sones (on Instagram)
@lorsones on Instagram

"No Name No. 1" by Village and the Farm U.K. (on Bandcamp)
Devin Berry (they/them) / Store Manager / San Francisco, CA
@blogbourri on Instagram

"goodbye" (feat. ellesse) by Jacob Kingsley (on Bandcamp)
Jacob Kingsley (he/him) / Barista / Apogee / Olathe, KS

"Distant Memory" by hisself (on Bandcamp)
Johnny Dang / Barista / Atlanta, GA

"Dry Eyes" by Deep Forest Drive (on Bandcamp)
Scott (he/him) / Trainer / Milka Coffee Roasters / Sacramento, CA
@deepforestdrive on Instagram

"vietti langhe_" by carmen estate (on Bandcamp)
William Card (he/him) / Former Barista / Huckleberry Roasters / Denver, CO

"234" by The Roots of Jazz (on YouTube)
London, UK