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Coffee People Music / Volume 06

This is the sixth volume of Coffee People Music - compilation albums of tunes created by folx who work in and around specialty coffee. This album is full of music by Black creators as part of Issue 10, released Sept 22, 2020.

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This shit is so cool. I sometimes can't believe how amazing everyone is. That's all. 

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"Energy" by Bla'szé (on Spotify) / @shesoblaszemusic
Bla'szé (she/her) / Store Manager / BlaCk Coffee Lounge / Cincinnati, OH

"Sunkissed" by Bartholemew Jones / @cxffeeblack
Bartholomew Jones / Memphis, TN 

"Coffee (I'm Addicted)" by Jordan Occasionally / @jordan_occasionally
JD (they/them) / Former Barista / Memphis, TN

"Smoke No More" by Corbin Dallas / @pharaohcorbin
Corbin Dallas / Barista / Go Get Em Tiger / Los Angeles, CA

"Sleeping" by Ava Hovanka / @byashleymay
Ashley May (she/her) / Barista / La Colombe / Washington DC

"Ill Tempered" by Full Bush / @fullbushband
Adesola (she/her) / Drums & Former Coffee Professional / Philadelphia, PA
Cassie (she/her) / Bass
Kate (she/her) / Lead Vocals & Guitar
Jayne (they/them) / Lead Guitar & Backup Vocals

"60's & Coffee" by Thati Le Rosa / @thati.tladinyane
Thati Tladinyane (he/him) / Coffee Lover / Johannesburg, South Africa

"Strolling Through The City" by MOA / @mowgliiiit
MOA (he/him) / Coffee Night Capper / South Africa

BLACK COFFEE PODCASTS on Spotify, compiled by Kendra Sledzinksi


"failing to erase the entire pencil mark and feeling embarrassed for when the teacher will read it" by Ivy (on Soundcloud) / @indira & @bbpoisonivy
Indira Edwards (she/they) / Barista / The Gathering Coffee Co / Detroit, MI

"burry his ass and be done w/him" by Phat Rabbid (on Soundcloud) / @Phat.rabbid
Ray Smith (he/him) / Barista / Baked and Wired / Washington DC

"riversong (remix)" by chris mcauley (on Reverbnation)
Chris Mcauley (he/him) / Getchu Some Gear / Durham, NC

"SadBoiSummer" by Siege-A  (on Bandcamp) / @caffeinatedcj
CJ Porter Born (he/him) / Coffee Roaster / UP Coffee Roasters / St Paul, MN

"Revolt" by Jalen Kendall Kelly (on Bandcamp) / @jalenjumps
Jalen Kelly (he/him) / Lead Barista / Kaldi's Coffee Roasting Co / St. Louis, MO


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