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Coffee People Music / Volume 07

This is the seventh volume of Coffee People Music - compilation albums of tunes created by folx who work in and around specialty coffee. This album is part of Issue 11, released December 21, 2020.

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This shit is so cool. I sometimes can't believe how amazing everyone is. That's all. 

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"By Mistake" by Sun Parka @sun.parka
Luke Doyle (he/him) / Guitarist & Songwriter / Assistant Manager / The Old Apothecary / Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
Jordan Ginn (he/him) / Vocalist, Guitarist & Songwriter / Barista / The Old Apothecary
Ross Mayer (he/him) / Bass
Benjamin MacDonald (he/him) / Drums

"Pinky Promise" by Miss Miranda @howdymissmiranda
Miranda Haney (she/her) / Events & Marketing Coordinator / Greater Goods Coffee / Austin, TX

"Find Yourself" by Tecoby Hines @nah_nocreamorsugar @nahitstecoby
Tecoby Hines (he/him) / Manager / Enderly Coffee / Charlotte, NC

"Risa" by Boi Flores @_boiflores
Boi Flores (they/them) / Roaster Assistant / Elixr Coffee / Philadelphia, PA

"MANIAC" by Onbar @onbar_
Troy Tuan Truong (he/him) / Lead Barista / Red Berry Coffee Bar / San Jose, CA

"Miss Mona Lisa" by 12 Mile Island @12mileislandband
Laura Sones (she/her) / Kitchener, Ontario, Canada
[other bandmates]

"Someone" by Full Bush @fullbush_band
Adesola (she/her) / Drums & Former Coffee Professional / Philadelphia, PA
Cassie (she/her) / Bass
Kate (she/her) / Lead Vocals & Guitar
Jayne (they/them) / Lead Guitar & Backup Vocals

"Bad Taste" by Bad Motivator @badmotivatormusic
Ian Nelson (he/him) / Vocals&Guitar / Roaster&Green Buyer / DOMA Coffee Roasting Company / Spokane, WA
Joey Ozol (he/him) / Bass / Coffee Educator / DOMA Coffee Roasting Company / Spokane, WA
Garrett Zanol (he/him) / Drums, Coffee Drinker
Scottie Fieder (he/him) / Guitar, Coffee Drinker

"Write Where I Stand" by Brain Rapp @brainrapp
Brian Raupp / Co-owner / Others Coffee / Baltimore, MD

"Job Interview" by Trash Boy  @trashboyphilly
Nolee Morris (she/her) / Drums / Barista & Aspiring Coffee Tech / Herman's Coffee / Philly, PA
Davey Jones (he/him) / Bass / Barista / Taula's Daily / Philly, PA

"I'm Not Coming Home for the Holiday" by Trash Boy


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