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Coffee People Music / Volume 08

This is the eighth volume of Coffee People Music - compilation albums of tunes created by folx who work in and around specialty coffee. This album is part of Issue 12, released March 20, 2021.

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This shit is so cool. I sometimes can't believe how amazing everyone is. That's all. 


"Dear Dysphoria" by Arielle Rebekah (she/they)

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"Chains" by The American Hotel System @theamericanhotelsystem
Grand Rapids, MI
Jacob Metts (he/him) @theconcussedcoffeegeek / Vocals & Guitar / Barista / Wildroast Coffee / Grandville, MI
C.T. McCallister (he/him) @lifeinthe_ct / Guitar
Hailey Petty (she/her) / @the__hailstorm / Drums
Jake LaMotte (he/him) @jakefromstatefarm502 / Bass
Samual Overman (he/him) @sam.aye.yam / Guitar

"best best clothes" by First Alternate (on SoundCloud) @evreeves
Emma Reeves (she/her) / Co-Owner / Push X Pull / Portland, OR

"bubbles" by kindly @christopherdhall
Christopher Hall (he/him) / Co-Owner & Roaster / Push X Pull / Portland, OR
Emma Reeves (she/her) / Co-Owner / Push X Pull / Portland, OR

"Beautiful Songs" by Somewhere In the Wildwood @sitwmusic
(also on Bandcamp)
Matthew Harrison / Portsmouth, England

"Beautiful" by Tecoby Hines @nahitstecoby
Tecoby Hines (he/him) / Manager / Enderly Coffee / Charlotte, NC

"Still" by xTRILLIAMS @boywrestler
Mike / Sydney, Australia

"Stone" by Whiskey Myers @whiskeymyers
(check their coffee release here)

"Gaussian Machine" by Village and the Farm U.K. 
Devin Berry (they/them) / Seattle, WA


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