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Coffee People Music / Volume 01

Coffee People Music / Volume 01 Album Artwork

This is the first volume of Coffee People Music, a compilation album of tunes created by folx who work in specialty coffee.

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For more about each band/musician, click on their name. 

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Coffee People Music / Volume 01

1. "Devil" by Kid Wilderness

2. "Tie Your Boots" by Wooster

3. "The Art of Fear" by The Grassy Knoll

4. "White Oak Mountain" by Ellan Ruth

5. "Virginia" by BootGun

6. "Dissolve in the Light" by Mystic Wool

7. "Another Life" by Artificial Stars

8. "Flame" by Shelly Rollison

9. "Bound" by Maura Raymond

10. "Firefly Credits" by James Harper