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Becoming a wholesaler/stockist of Coffee People Zine is easy. 

Click here to go to the order page. By purchasing a "Stockist Stack" you automatically become a retailer of Coffee People Zine. The benefits of being a retailer include:

  • your name and shop address in the "Stockist" section of the printed zine
  • your name and a link to your website in the "Stockist" section of our website
  • a free zine labeled "Shop Copy" to keep in your store for customers and employees to browse
  • the first opportunity for a "Behind the Bar" feature in the zine if/when we come to your city

If you have other questions, or want to contact us for any reason, email me at

We also have opportunities for shops and companies who want to support Coffee People Zine through a sponsorship or ad space. Again, contact Kat for more info!