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2021 Pack

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Well we're at the end of year 4, wondering where it all went. If you're questioning "Where Did 2021 Go?" like we are, then this bundle is for you! We've captured the year in coffee and art and zines. So here's what you'll be getting:

Issue 12, released in March of 2021, focuses on the theme of "Bloom." It was springtime, C0V1D vaccines were on the way, and things were looking hopeful. Whether it is the bloom of a flower or the bloom of your coffee, the future was bright.

Issue 13 was given the theme of "Place." It came out in June when our Executive Editor and Managing Editor had the chance to meet up in person and spend quality time together in the same physical location. It's about physical place, emotional place, temporal place... we could keep going.

Issue 14, September 2021, fell into its own theme - "Fall." It was the Autumn issue so we hold space for beauty and colors and change. It's also a recognition of the fragility that has been so salient for many of us.

Issue 15 will be released in December - more info to come. *This is a Pre-Order* but we'll tell you right now this is a SPECIAL issue. You're not going to want to miss it.

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