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2022 Pack

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We've finished out another year... !? If you're shocked and/or resigned that 2022 has already come and gone, then this bundle is for you! Here's what you'll get:

Issue 16, released in March of 2022, focuses on the theme of BRIGHT. From acidic coffee to light shining through the darkness, it's a celebration of making it through another long winter.

*SOLD OUT* Issue 17 came out in June with the theme FLORAL. It's the first issue that flaunts an illustrated cover and we gotta say - damn, she looks good. Filled with flowers, bouquets, and colors, this issue is a summer celebration.

Issue 18, September's issue takes a COMPLEX approach to - well, everything. Coffee, emotions, life are all nuanced in their own ways, and this issue goes there beautifully. Plus just check out the snake/coffee illustration on the cover. I mean come on.

Issue 19 came along in DARK December. It features the gritty, gloomy, grunge of existence - the dark places and dark roasts we often avoid. And yet it's a gorgeous example of how embracing the full spectrum really makes life worthwhile.

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