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Coffee Field Guide / Denver, 2nd Edition DIGITAL PDF

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Note: This is a PDF file, not a physical book. You'll be able to download the file, and it will work on your phone, computer, tablet, and other screens compatible with PDFs.

Want to know where to get the best coffee in Denver? This guide is for you!

We asked the coffee professionals of Denver where they go for coffee, and put the most popular shops in this Field Guide. 

In the booklet you'll find: the list of Denver’s top 21 coffee spots as voted by Denver coffee pros, art by a barista/employee at each shop, a list of other places coffee people go for food/drink/happy hour/tapas/etc, a map with digital access to this whole list, pages for writing/doodling.

Sneek peek, the top 5 shops are: Sweet Bloom, Amethyst (Broadway), Huckleberry (Pecos), Amethyst (Lakeside), and Little Owl. 

Get at that delicious coffee!

(Note: If you want to save on shipping and you live in Denver, most of the shops in this guide sell the guide in their store. Give them a visit and pick up a guide from them!)