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Finca Cariño Zine

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Finca Cariño is a stand-alone short piece of fiction about a special coffee fermentation technique, the Peruvian women who invented it, and a greedy businessman who tries to steal their secret (but ends up finding out another secret in the process). It's an absolutely amazing creative story written by Brennan D. Rodriguez and illustrated by John Vazquez specifically as our subscribers-only add-in. But we wanted to give you the opportunity to check it out, too. It's just that good.

Synopsis: High in the Peruvian mountains sits the remote coffee farm of Finca Cariño. Run by life-long friends, farmers, and fermentation experts Luna and María, this small operation has developed a proprietary processing technique that produces some of the most unique-tasting coffee in the world. Their special flavor profiles have caught the attention of big companies that want to steal the fermentation methods for themselves. But when greedy businessman Lucas starts sneaking around, he discovers that coffee isn't the only secret fermenting at Finca Cariño.

Written by: Brennan D. Rodriguez
Illustrated by: John Vazquez
Pages: 28

This zine was the subscriber add-in for Issue 19 / DARK, December 21, 2022.