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Issue 02 DIGITAL

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Twice as big as our inaugural issue, Coffee People Zine Issue 02 was released June 2018. Theme: Affogatos. We received such amazing support for this issue, including an interview by Cat&Cloud Podcast, an article in Sprudge, and a mention by Barista Magazine! Starting to grow outside the Denver community, we have artwork from a huge variety of artists from East to West.

Pages: 80
Contributors: 37

Brewing Good: Prodigy Coffeehouse (Denver, CO)
Barista Feature: Sam Neely (Switchback Coffee Roasters)
Behind the Bar: Amethyst Coffee Co. (Denver, CO) & Crema Coffeehouse (Denver)
Origin Story: Sarah Allen and Barista Magazine
Study: Geographical Demographics of Competitors in US Coffee Champs
Know Your Rights: Workplace Sexual Harassment, Part 2