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Release Date: December 21, 2020

Coffee People Zine / Issue 11 holds space for The Longest Night - whether in the literal sense (it is Winter Solstice, after all) or a more figurative sense (depression, anxiety, joblessness, isolation, this whole f*cking year). The Longest Night is a recognition that things are shitty and hard and sometimes we're not alright. And still we focus on self care, we take care of our mental health, we connect however we can, and we hold on until the light comes back.
BONUS CONTENT: This issue is a 2-in-1 zine, sharing space with Glitter People Zine, class of 2020. This is a 20-page extra zine at the back of this issue, featuring bios, profiles, and artwork of everyone who participated in Glitter Cat bootcamps for the 2020 season.

Pages: 120
Contributors: 64+ artists

Community Spotlight : GoFundBean, A Mental Health Resource Guide, Barista Self Care, Barista KC & Mercantile, Supporting Coworkers and Friends Through Anxiety and Depression
Behind the Bar : Bold and Gritty, Three Keys Coffee, CutE CoffeE, Likewise Coffee