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Release Date: March 20, 2021

Issue 12 of Coffee People Zine focuses on the BLOOM - opening, changing, the beginning of something new. Released on the first day of spring, 2021, we’re all looking for something to be hopeful for, so why not stop and smell the roses (or coffee blossoms or whatever flowers are coming out where you live) and enjoy being alive!
This issue includes an extended spotlight in collaboration with Trans & Caffeinated blog and podcast, featuring artwork by trans, gender-nonconforming, and non-binary coffee folx. It’s imperative that we support, uplift, and hold space for the trans members of our coffee community. Their work in this issue is beautiful, transformative, and showcases the ways in which they BLOOM

Pages: 108
Size: 6x9"
Contributors: 70+

Featuring:Community Spotlight : Anti-Gentrification Coffee Club by Cxffeeblack, Menstrual Activism with Think Coffee
Community Spotlight Collab: Art for a Trans-er Future (w/ Trans & Caffeinated)
Behind the Bar : Boycott Coffee, Gilly Brew Bar, Queer Wave Coffee, Weird City
Origin Stories / Ethiopia: Chewing Coffee in Abyssinia, Jabena Brew Guide

Torani, Pacific Barista Series, Umeshiso, Rabbit Hole Coffee Roasters, KWC Retreats