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Issue 13

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Release Date: June 20, 2021

Celebrate the start of summer with Issue 13 of Coffee People Zine. This issue focuses on the theme of PLACE - being here or there, or somewhere in the middle. We have an extended selection of Canadian features, as well as multiple shops from the Raleigh/Durham area where our editorial team is currently based. This issue is packed with brilliant poetry, artwork, and creations. Get after it!

Pages: 104
Size: 6x9"
Contributors: 58
Add-in: sticker & Summer Playlist Zine

Behind the Bar / Canada : Rabbit Hole Coffee Roasters, Lark Coffee Roasters, Leaderboard Coffee, Rogue Wave, 850 Coffee
Behind the Bar : Rofhiwa Café & Books, Black & White Coffee Roasters, Winnow MN, Little Waves Coffee Roasters
Origin Stories / Colombia: Chewing Coffee in Colombia, Voices on the Ground (Colombian Coffee Farmers)
Community Spotlight : Not Caffeinated Enough Podcast

AeroPress, Torani, Pacific Barista Series, Others Coffee