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Issue 23

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Release Date: March 30, 2024

Issue 23 / PAST
Think time, think nostalgia, think progression, think growth, think construction or destruction, think movement... this issue explores time gone by, with submissions by creative coffee professionals from around the world, plus 6 featured articles on topics relating to PAST - coffee in the Ottoman Empire, a reflection on a 30-year coffee career, drinking coffee with one writer's Italian grandma, Chilean topless cafés, a fiction piece on being a coffee-loving Black Panther in the late '60s, and penny universities. There's a lot to cover, and this issue gets creative with coffee and the PAST.

Pages: 100
Size: 6.14x9.21"
Contributors: 47+
Cover by: Elizabeth Chai
Add-in: Issue 23 Sticker Sheet

Comandante Grinder, Mineragua, Novel Coffee Roasters, Cherry Coffee, Bush Hill Coffee Roasters, Chase Coffee Co, Three Keys, Lucid Coffee Roasters