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"As service industry professionals we are sexualized and objectified without our consent on the daily." DRIP Zine was creates as a space to reclaim our bodies and our sexual narrative. It's filled with art, poetry, photography, and creations by coffee people around the world, but with a XXX twist. Sexy, vulnerable, powerful, and creative, this SEXY Pack contains all the available issues of DRIP Zine. This includes:

DRIP 02, released Freaky Friday, Sept 2019
DRIP 03, released Valentine's Day, Feb 2020
DRIP 04, released August 2020
DRIP 05/06 *double feature,* released Oct 2021
- 05 SOLO: Part 1 of the zine is for that sexy solo stuff! It's what turns us on, what gives uus pleasure, how we make ourselves feel goooooood... hands, toys, imagination, when we're all alone.
- 06 PLUS: This one's with friends, partners, sexy lil’ groups of consenting adults, ‘cause part 2 of the Zine is for content with two or more people! Photos, stories, illustrations, poetry of the XXX things we get up to with others.

NOTE: for 18+ (sexually explicit content)

"As service industry professionals, we are objectified and sexualized without our consent on the daily. DRIP zine is a space for the specialty coffee community to reclaim our sexuality. It is a submission-based print publication filled with pages of photography, poetry, short stories, illustrations, and other artwork where we explore how we feel about our bodies, sex, gender, nudity, power, vulnerability, self-expression, and identity."